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Bristol Washroom REfurbishments
COMMERCIAL toiler and bathroom fit-out specialists 
At Bristol Washrooms Refurbishments we're used to updating commercial bathrooms to make then beautiful, fit for purpose and fit to last. We understand that business disruption can be costly so our expert team work efficiently to complete the  project in the shortest time possible without cutting on quality.

Our experience modernizing the toilet facilities in Restaurants, Nightclubs, Shops,  Offices, and Factories ensure you choose the right design for your washroom upgrade.

Restaurant, Nightclub And Shop Toiler Refits
We appreciate the importance of clean, fresh, and inviting  toilet facilities within the hospitality sector and our specialist input into the washroom design process will ensure that all of your customers feel like they have received a 5 star service.

There is a stigma attached to poor quality bathrooms and toilets in public and other front of house areas. Customers will infer that they are an indication of the hygiene in kitchens and other back of house areas, which can damage the reputation of a business.

Office and factory bathroom refurbishment
Whilst providing hygiene facilities for your staff is a legal requirement, providing a modern and well fitted toilet (and changing room area) can boost moral.

We are able to schedule our work to minimize business disruption. We have even worked weekends and night shift to allow full use of the facilities during your working hours.    
Church Building Washroom refurbishment
Caring for people's comfort needs is part of providing a great welcome to your church. Churches often neglect their toilets, putting the refurbishment of them at the bottom of the priority list. 

We have extensive experience in refitting commercial style washrooms in churches. 
ENVIRONMENTALLY Friendly toilets & waterless urinals 
Reducing water and energy usage is not just good for the environment it also has financial benefits.

Waterless urinals are often a good option for commercial washrooms. LED and other low energy use lighting is also great for improving the overall efficiency of your washroom

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